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Do you agree to all terms and conditions? including the release of liability herein.* This is an assumption of risk and release of liability in consideration to the named child being permitted to participate in this program. All services are subject to change without notice. Rules and regulations apply. This program is not refundable. Additional information may be required at check-in. NOTE: After you receive a confirmation via e-mail, payment can be made online with your credit card or debit card. Thank you
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3 DAYS - 9:00AM - 3:30 PM

This program offers up to 3 attractions visits with tickets

includes daily lunch- program t-shirt all , activities & private transportation

Heritage Museum - Houston Zoo - Downtown Aquarium

All inclusive lunch & Attraction tickets included,


5 DAYS - 9:00AM - 3:30 PM

This program offers up to 5 attractions visits with tickets

plus all assistance, activities & private transportation

Heritage Museum -Houston Zoo -Downtown Aquarium-Galveston island -Dolphin watch

 boat ride .All inclusive Lunch & Attraction tickets are included.


10 DAYS - 9:00AM - 3:30 PM

This program offers up to 8 attractions visits with tickets

plus all assistance ,activities & transportation

Heritage Museum - Houston Zoo - Downtown Aquarium-Galveston island -Dolphin watch boat ride - Lone Star Flight Museum -Children's museum- Discovery green.

All inclusive lunch & attraction tickets included.


WELCOME, We are pleased that you decided to join us and be part of our wonderful community. We are looking forward to your child’s arrival and the opportunity to serve your family. HCT BUS 4 KIDS has a long and rich history of providing outdoor experiences that nurture personal growth, through positive values, great adventures, and outrageous fun. We are most pleased that you have chosen our program and we will do our best to deserve your vote of confidence. The following pages of information have been organized to help you prepare for your child’s stay with us; however, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call. TRANSPORTATION: For safety, and well-being of children, designated vehicles for this program are for the use of the kid's program only. Alternate vehicle sizes may be used according to kids' numbers and ages. Available vehicles: Passenger Vans Shuttle buses-Double-decker buses and Motor coach buses. The bus is staffed by an HCT staff member at all times. The staff person also has a phone available to contact the office. If the bus is delayed, our office is notified. Feel free to call our office for any updates on arrivals. Please arrive early, approx. 15 minutes early, to ensure time to load/unload, and look for a Bus or with HCT signage. TRANSPORTATION STANDARDS OF CONDUCT: We ask that you review the expectations and make sure your child understands and agrees.  Children should enter and leave the vehicle under the direction of a staff member and/or driver  If there’s an emergency stop: passengers must follow directions of the staff member/bus driver  Any time leaving the bus, passengers must use the buddy system  All passengers must remain seated and face forward while the bus is moving  Seatbelt use is required when available. One person per seatbelt  No disruptive behavior (i.e. throwing objects, yelling, hanging arms or head out windows, etc)  Use quiet voices to not distract the driver  Use appropriate language  Listen and obey all rules set by the driver and accompanying camp staff member  Please arrive at drop-off/pick-up location at least 15 minutes early so that loading/unloading can quickly take place upon bus arrival! Children not picked up by parents on time, at the drop-off location will be charged with an additional fee of $20 for every 20 minutes! Must be paid at pick up. PLEASE NOTIFY THE OFFICE as soon as possible if changes are required for your child. At times, based on the mix of participants on the bus, stopping at each location may not be necessary. If this is the case the bus may arrive at some stops early. When this happens, the office may attempt to contact parents for an earlier pickup. If no contact is made, the bus will remain at the stop until it’s scheduled arrival/departure time. TYPICAL DAILY SCHEDULE 9:00 am supervised program starts at 9:30 am - Kids orientated games & activities. 12:00 pm - lunch break and interactive activities. 1:00 pm - Guided visit to local attraction or site. 3:00 pm pick up and transfer back to the starting point. 3:30 drop off at Visitors Center. GENERAL PROGRAM Daily children's activities are supervised and designed to learn and enjoy a new skill, the focus is on learning through fun and games. PROGRAM ACTIVITIES Group games, dance, sports, sightseeing, exploring sites and much more This program provide an opportunity for each child and their staff to share a great age-appropriate activity and build connections and a sense of community together. We staff and supervise all program activity areas and encourage participation with exciting and engaging activities. Participants may spend the entire time at one activity, or visit several areas throughout the period. It’s their choice! SPECIAL EVENTS: Beach Party, Dance, Talent Show, Theme Day, and much more VISITS Family visitors are always welcome, the however best time to view the facilities is on arrival and departure times. Please be aware that, for some participants, a mid-session visit could increase the chances of homesickness. In all cases, for the security of our children; All visitors must first check-in at the office, and Parents be prepared to show a picture ID. Please note that only those people designated by name on the confidential form will be allowed contact with your child (phone calls, visits, pick-up privileges at camp or the bus stop). Please be sure to list yourself as a pick-up person. For any changes, a custodial parent or legal guardian must give permission directly to the Office. Please advise us if there are any persons who should NOT be in contact with your child. EARLY DEPARTURES/REFUNDS/ There will be no refunds of any fees for any reason once a participant is checked in. participants who depart prior to the end of their scheduled camp period due to homesickness, events outside of the program, or a violation of the Bus 4 kids Code of Conduct Form will not receive any refund of fees. CANCELED BUS OR DAY TRIPS BY PARENTS. No refunds will be given for the cancellation of scheduled bus transport or day trip participation fees within two weeks of departure. COMMUNICATION— CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH HCT welcomes campers from all over the globe but does not offer interpreters or bilingual services. For the safety of participants, each child is expected to be fluent in conversational English. CLOTHING LABELING We recommend that all clothing be clearly labeled or marked with your participant’s name. LOST-N-FOUND We hold lost-n-found items for one week. If you call us, we will make every effort to locate and return a lost item. Please Note: We do our best to return all lost articles, but HCT cannot assume the responsibility for lost or damaged property. I understand that HCT does not offer bilingual services. For the safety of my child, I understand that my child is expected to be fluent in conversational English. I agree to pay the balance of the fees and send in all paperwork six weeks prior to arrival to avoid late charges of $50.00. To qualify for any refund, cancellations must be made at least four weeks prior to the scheduled arrival. I understand that the $100 per session deposit is not refundable or transferable. Once checked into the program, any participant who departs early for any reason will not receive any refund. This includes departure due to homesickness, decisions by the camper or family to go home early, or disruptive behavior as determined by the Summer Program Director. DISCOUNTS SIBLING DISCOUNTS: Each sibling receives $25 off, per week when scheduled for a full session. This does not apply to the 3 day program. Sibling credits will be deducted at the HCT Office from fees and reflected on the participant confirmation. BRING A FRIEND DISCOUNT: Participants can earn a discount on fees by bringing a friend along to the summer program. Friends must be first-time participants to Bus 4 Kids , and can only be applied to one participants account. Discounts do not apply to the 3-day program.or Adventure trip programs. Please complete the discount request form at the bottom of this page and mail in with your fees balance remittance (please deduct the anticipated discount amount from your total). If we are unable to verify registration for your friend, you will be notified and payment will be due prior to check-in. Discounts are as follows: 1 friend—$25 2 Friends—$50 3 Friends—$100 4 Friends PARTICIPANT CODE OF CONDUCT FORM Included in the parent pack is a form that outlines our expectations of behavior for all participants. Please review this policy with your children, then sign and return with your required paperwork. Please contact our business office with any questions. HOMESICKNESS is a normal feeling that most children experience at some point during their stay. However, homesickness usually subsides on its own within the first hours, once participants become more comfortable with their surroundings. Please be assured counselors and staff make special efforts to identify and counsel participants experiencing homesickness. We encourage all participants to stay busy in the summer programs where they can redirect their thoughts by making connections with other participants and staff which is usually a cure. If your child indicates they are homesick, please feel free to contact the camp office for an update. As a general rule, we do discourage a call home since this often will encourage the child to stop working through these normal feelings. However, we do treat each camper as an individual and will do everything we can to result in an experience that is a positive one for your child. PHONE USAGE In today’s “plugged-in” world we know that a child’s phone is often a lifeline to the world for them and can be a source of comfort and reassurance for their parents. However, part of the value of the experience is to test and practice one’s ability to make new friends, have new types of interactions, and gain independence in a safe and secure environment. We find that making calls home distracts immensely from each of these goals and can also trigger homesickness. Cell phones are likely targets for abuse and theft and their use can cause disruptions in programs. Therefore possession and use of cell phones by participants is prohibited and any personal telephone devices or electronic communication devices will be confiscated and returned at the end of the session. participants are also generally discouraged from using the office phone, however, if you need to contact your child or get an update on their progress feel free to call the HCT Office at any time. CANCELLATIONS Each session of the summer program requires a separate $100 nonrefundable/ nontransferable deposit. To qualify for any refund, cancelations must be made at least four weeks prior to arrival. Cancellations are not valid until confirmed in writing by Camp HCT. Doctor’s excuses are required for any medical-related circumstances. HEALTH SUPERVISION HCT provides health supervision for minor illnesses, medication management, and basic first aid. Our staff will consist of certified child care staff as well as first aid trained lay personnel. It is our policy that all medical care. For any emergency treatment, HCT is served by a 911 emergency system with response times for advanced treatment normally in the 2-5 min. range. Our health supervisors are well equipped to provide care for most participants ’ basic needs. However, if your child has unique challenges in regard to physical, mental, emotional, or social issues that might require more advanced or unique care beyond what most would consider “typical” please be sure to contact us to discuss our ability to provide appropriate care for you child’s needs. It is our goal to ensure a safe and quality experience for your child. Parents or guardians will be notified. INSURANCE COVERAGE AND INFORMATION REQUIRED HCT does not carry participant health and accident insurance. Medical bills incurred are the responsibility of the participants’ family. Please be sure to submit the front and back sides of your health insurance card. Parents must pay for any new medicine obtained for their children while at the summer program. ALL MEDICATIONS MUST BE IN THE PRESCRIPTION BOTTLE, CLEARLY LABELED, WITH THE PRESCRIPTION IN THE PARTICIPANT’S NAME, FROM THE DOCTOR ON THE BOTTLE. Turn all medications into the HCT staff upon arrival. Prescription medicines may only be dispensed to the issued camper name printed on the prescription bottle; according to the Physician’s instructions. Please DO NOT bring a daily pill organizer it is illegal for personnel to dispense medications that are not in the original container and will not be done. A medication form must be completed with all medications the camper will be regularly taking while at camp, noting times during the day to administer and any specific instructions. Non-prescription medications will be dispensed daily per instructions provided by the parent on the Health/Medical form per standing orders when needed for occasional treatment. Please pick up your child’s remaining medications during the check-out process. Camp cannot be responsible for medications left behind. PROHIBITED ITEMS To insure that all our participants have a positive and safe experience, we ask that you take a few minutes to inspect your child’s/children’s bag so no inappropriate items are brought to the program. Prohibited items include:  Knives  matches/lighters  laser pointers fireworks  squirt guns  Food/gum/candy/soda/ Electronic entertainment devices, music, gaming, etc.  Electronic communication devices such as computers, I pads, tablets, electronic books, phones, etc.  pets/animals  Personal sporting equipment—i.e. shooting sports equipment, archery equipment, BB gun, pellet gun, and slingshots, etc. Inappropriate or offensive clothing, (If such items are worn, the staff will require the participant to change clothing.) If our staff suspects that a child is in possession of any item we deem inappropriate, the management has the authority to search the child’s belongings including locked luggage. Possession of such items may result in dismissal from the program. The program will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of personal items. SPECIAL DIETARY ACCOMMODATIONS We have very limited ability to handle special diet needs. I approve of this application and certify that the applicant is capable of such an experience